Bad Credit Loans in Arizona, AZ


Best Bad Credit Loans in Arizona, AZ

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What does Jora offer?
  • Loan amounts $500 to $2,600
  • APRs between 170% and 349%
  • Your request will be funded that same day
Example: in Missouri a $2,000 installment loan would require 48 bi-weekly payments of $179.54, which includes $6,618.50 of interest and an APR of 230%
4.9/5 (Votes: 85)
What does Bad Credit Loans offer?
  • Loan Amounts $500 to $5000
  • Rates from 5.99% to 35.99%
  • Repayment terms 3 to 36 months
Example: Borrowing $2000 over a 12 month period will cost you around $235 a month with a total cost of credit of $2400
4.8/5 (Votes: 124)
What does PersonalLoans offer?
  • Loan amounts $500 to $35,000
  • Rates from 5.99% to 35.99%
  • Repayment terms 3 to 72 months.
Example: Borrowing $4,000 over a 2 year period will cost you around $182.74 a month with a total cost of credit of $4,385.74.
4.3/5 (Votes: 67)
What does CashAdvance offer?
  • Loan amounts $100 to $1,000
  • You may qualify for a loan, regardless of credit type.
  • Quick connect customers with lenders
Cash Advance provides a free service that aims to quickly connect customers with lenders that offer loans that may work for them.
4.2/5 (Votes: 74)
What does Check Into Cash offer?
  • Loan amounts $50 to $1,000
  • Emergency Cash - Apply in minutes
  • Application is fast and easy!
Our advance loans are available depending on the state in which you live and are one of the easiest ways to get money fast when you need it most.
4.2/5 (Votes: 82)
What does Loan by Phone offer?
  • Loan amounts $100 to $1,500
  • Very simple loan application
  • Get money in as little as 24 hours!
All loan applications and requests are guaranteed confidential and all transactions are governed in accordance with the laws of your state of residence.

Where to Get a Personal Loans for Bad Credit in Arizona?

Before taking out personal loans for people with bad credit, its best to compare different offers in order to get the best rate.

  • Loan Interest Rate: Loan repayment period is the time it takes to pay off the loan. Personal loans require you to make a fixed monthly payment until its paid off. The longer the repayment period, the higher the interest you'll pay, and the more the loan will cost you.

  • Loan maximum and minimum: Lenders usually establish a maximum and a minimum amount that they're willing to lend. A lender might not be a good idea if they won't you money for it or if it requires you to borrow more.

  • Monthly payments: This payment type is determined by your loan term, your interest rate, and the amount you're borrowing. Make sure that the payments are affordable.

  • Annual Percentage Rate (APR): APR is the cost you’ll pay each year to borrow money, including fees and interest. A low APR means that you’ll have to pay less for the loan. Usually, personal loans for people with poor credit will likely have a higher APR.

How to Get Bad Credit Loans in Arizona, AZ?

Credit Unions are great places to obtain a personal loan. Since credit unions are nonprofit institutions designed to serve their members, it's easier to receive a loan than with other financial institutions. Here are some things to consider before a personal loan with credit unions:

  • State credit unions tend to have higher rates

  • By federal law, credit unions can charge a maximum APR of 18% for personal loans.

  • You must be a member of a credit union in order to obtain a loan. You can obtain one if you work or live in the area and deposit a minimum of $25 in your savings account.

  • Federal credit unions, which are funded by the U.S. government, provide payday alternative loans, to borrowers with bad credit scores.

  • The maximum APR for payday alternative loans is 28%.

When thinking about getting a personal loan, you have to think about your credit history before applying. We’ll discuss how you can improve your score later.

How to Change Your Credit History?

Stay Under Your Credit Utilization Limit

Your credit utilization (how much of credit you use) - has a huge impact on your score. Here are some ways to help you manage it:

  • Make multiple smaller payments - throughout the month to keep balances low. You can treat your credit card as a debit card, paying online once the payment has been processed. By making multiple small payments, you’ll start establishing a good credit history.

  • Tackle balances with higher credit utilization ratios: Having a high credit utilization ratio can be dangerous for your score. Sometimes it doesn’t cost too much, especially on low-limit credit cards. Paying $250 to a card with a $300 limit can make a huge difference. So always set aside money to ensure that your credit utilization rate remains low.

  • Move or consolidate some debt: A debt consolidation loan can help you remove or reduce card balances, lower your credit utilization ratio. Getting personal loans for bad credit in Arizona, AZ can also save you money on interest.

  • See if you can get a credit limit increase: When your limit is up, and the balance is the same, your credit utilization ratio will decrease. Contact your creditor and ask for a higher credit limit without taking a hard credit inquiry. Hard inquiries will temporarily reduce your score by a few points.

Remove Collection Accounts

People that have a score of 780 don’t have major derogatory items or collections on their credit report. If you have a credit account reporting on the credit report, your goal is to remove the collection notice from your history.

Don’t just pay a collection. Paying off a collection doesn’t just improve your credit score. Instead, get a “pay for delete” in WRITING with the collection agency. Only once you have a written agreement should you pay off a collection account, and work on getting the account deleted.

The Terms of the Bad Credit Loans in Arizona

Trying to get bad credit personal loans in NC? Here are some important things that you’ll need to know. Understanding the terms will help you get a loan at an affordable rate and potentially improve your financial health.

Bad credit personal loans in AZ have an average rate at 11.24% APR and a maximum loan payout of $25,000. However, borrowers with perfect credit scores and good financial history will receive the loan with the lowest interest rates.

The other advantage is that personal loans with bad credit in Arizona, AZ can be repaid in bi-weekly or monthly installments through long periods of time, sometimes up to 36 months in some scenarios. Arizona’s personal loans are affordable, completely online, and convenient and you can apply for more than one at a time.

While you can gain personal loans with poor credit, payday loans are illegal. The permitted that payday loans expired in Arizona on June 30, 2010. And consumer loans with an APR over 36% became illegal as well.

However, this change in law doesn’t mean there’s an end to all short term lenders. Some businesses continued their operations by offering services and products that are permitted by state law, like installment loans. Lenders can no longer advertise their availability of short term loans: with the exception of tribal lenders.

Keep in mind that if you plan on applying for any kind of credit line or loan, it’s important to check the paperwork (including fine print) before creating a contract. Create a solid plan to pay off your loan so you don’t have to worry about borrowing more money to pay off debt.


Getting personal loans can take some time, effort, and diligence if you have bad credit. Fortunately, there are still options available. It's up to you to search for reliable lenders and compare their rates until you find one that works best for you.

Even if you're not approved of a loan, don't lose hope yet. It's a sign that you have to improve your credit score until it's at 620 or higher. As we've stated earlier, make sure you continue to pay off your outstanding balance and make a plan to get your financial health in good standing.

After you’ve received the loan, you have to be active in paying it back. Set aside a part of your income each week to ensure that the loan is paid off. On average, use 30% of your income so you can increase your credit score and lower your premium.

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