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Best Bad Credit Loans in Illinois, IL

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What does Jora offer?
  • Loan amounts $500 to $2,600
  • APRs between 170% and 349%
  • Your request will be funded that same day
Example: in Missouri a $2,000 installment loan would require 48 bi-weekly payments of $179.54, which includes $6,618.50 of interest and an APR of 230%
4.9/5 (Votes: 85)
What does Bad Credit Loans offer?
  • Loan Amounts $500 to $5000
  • Rates from 5.99% to 35.99%
  • Repayment terms 3 to 36 months
Example: Borrowing $2000 over a 12 month period will cost you around $235 a month with a total cost of credit of $2400
4.8/5 (Votes: 124)
What does PersonalLoans offer?
  • Loan amounts $500 to $35,000
  • Rates from 5.99% to 35.99%
  • Repayment terms 3 to 72 months.
Example: Borrowing $4,000 over a 2 year period will cost you around $182.74 a month with a total cost of credit of $4,385.74.
4.3/5 (Votes: 67)
What does CashAdvance offer?
  • Loan amounts $100 to $1,000
  • You may qualify for a loan, regardless of credit type.
  • Quick connect customers with lenders
Cash Advance provides a free service that aims to quickly connect customers with lenders that offer loans that may work for them.
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What does Check Into Cash offer?
  • Loan amounts $50 to $1,000
  • Emergency Cash - Apply in minutes
  • Application is fast and easy!
Our advance loans are available depending on the state in which you live and are one of the easiest ways to get money fast when you need it most.
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What does Loan by Phone offer?
  • Loan amounts $100 to $1,500
  • Very simple loan application
  • Get money in as little as 24 hours!
All loan applications and requests are guaranteed confidential and all transactions are governed in accordance with the laws of your state of residence.

Where to Get a Personal Loans for Bad Credit in Illinois?

Are you wondering how to find personal loans for bad credit in Illinois, IL? In this article, we’re going to be exploring where to find them, how to improve your credit rating, the terms that you can expect to agree to for a bad credit loan, and much more.

Nowadays, the landscape of loans has changed so much. In the past, poor credit alone would be enough to rid you of any chance of acquiring a loan. With the upsurge of popularity in the online lending marketplace, however, consumers have access to unsecured non-bank lenders and a whole host of new options that allow personal loans with poor credit.

You might actually be surprised at the number of places out there that can provide bad credit loans in Illinois, IL. Let’s dive right into finding out how easy it is to secure personal loans for people with poor credit.

How to Get Bad Credit Loans in Illinois, IL?

Searching for the best place to get personal loans for people with bad credit can be relatively simple. Illinois will have plenty of listings online for both banks and non-bank lenders that can offer you a secure personal loan.

There are usually a few requirements you must meet in order to qualify for personal loans with bad credit in Illinois, IL. There will also be set rules, rules, regulations and terms that you may have to abide by. Let’s take a look at some of the key points you’ll need to understand:

  • Usually, they will require you to have direct deposit

  • There will very likely be checks to ensure minimum (and regular) income requirements

  • You may still be able to get a personal loan between $500 - $5,000 with bad credit

  • The interest rate may depend on the payment schedule, your credit rating, and loan terms

  • With bad credit, you may have to cover initial processing fees and other charges

How to Change Your Credit History?

As those of you with a bad credit rating know, changing your history and improving your score can feel like such a chore. It’s very often a struggle to raise it up and can sometimes take years to completely fix it so you can.

We’re going to try our best to give you the best tips to improve your credit history. First up is credit cards - these are one of the best ways to build up your credit score - if they’re used responsibly and without acquiring too much debt from the lenders or banks.

Many companies out there will still accept your application for a credit card, even if your credit rating is particularly low. If this isn’t possible, some places will allow you to be directly added into a joint account with someone who has a better credit score than yourself.

Once you’ve got yourself a card, begin using it to make small charges that you know you can pay off in full every month. There’s no single dollar amount you should aim for, but just ensure it’s being used regularly. After you’ve used it for a little while, request a credit limit increase and show them how responsible you are by keeping on top of payments.

If you’re not able to improve your credit score by acquiring a new credit card - there are still other options available. You can help build up your rating by paying student loans diligently, taking out an auto installment loan, or even by asking your landlord to report positive rental payment information to the credit bureaus.

As a general rule of thumb, the interest rates on credit cards which are applied for by people with poor credit scores will usually be higher than average. That’s why we recommend you don’t use it to make any high-risk payments - simple, small dollar amounts are best.

The Terms of the Bad Credit Loans in Illinois

As with any agreement, different loans have different terms. If you’re just looking for a general idea of the terms you’ll find for bad credit personal loans in IL, however, we can give you a few ideas about what to expect. As you may expect, there are differences between loans from a bank and personal loans from unsecured, online non-bank lenders.

Most personal loans for people with poor credit will be able to give you an answer within minutes of applying online. All you have to do is provide them with some basic information about your income and your previous debts etc. After you’ve secured the loan, you must make sure to follow the terms they supply.

The vast majority of personal loan terms revolve around how you pay back the loan, how much you pay back each month, and how long the payment schedule lasts. Your interest rate will likely be higher (due to poor credit ratings) so, if possible, try and limit the amount of time you take to pay the whole sum plus interest back. Only if you are able to without falling behind, of course.

Different lenders vary on how much they’re able to loan a person with poor credit, but you can expect the amount to be anywhere between $500 and $5,000. It’s most likely that you’ll only be able to apply for a loan of roughly $1,500 if your credit scores are particularly poor.

Always ensure you stick to the terms of these bad credit loans as missing payments and falling behind can lead to your credit rating falling further down. This can massively harm your future chances of applying for other loans and lines of credit.


Hopefully, our handy guide about everything to do with bad credit loans in Illinois will have helped you out. We’ve tried to compile as much advice as we can into one little article and we think that we’ve covered everything you’d ever need to know about personal loans for bad credit in Illinois, IL.

As with all financial matters, keeping yourself out of even more debt and improving your credit rating is what will likely be the biggest factor to improving your chances of being allowed access to personal loans - be they through banks or unsecured non-bank lenders.

Best of luck in your search for personal loans with bad credit in Illinois, IL. If you follow everything we’ve advised you to and ensure that you can abide by any and all terms of the personal loans, you should have no problem in getting the cash you need - quick!

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