Bad Credit Loans in North Carolina, NC


Best Bad Credit Loans in North Carolina, NC

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What does Jora offer?
  • Loan amounts $500 to $2,600
  • APRs between 170% and 349%
  • Your request will be funded that same day
Example: in Missouri a $2,000 installment loan would require 48 bi-weekly payments of $179.54, which includes $6,618.50 of interest and an APR of 230%
4.9/5 (Votes: 85)
What does Bad Credit Loans offer?
  • Loan Amounts $500 to $5000
  • Rates from 5.99% to 35.99%
  • Repayment terms 3 to 36 months
Example: Borrowing $2000 over a 12 month period will cost you around $235 a month with a total cost of credit of $2400
4.8/5 (Votes: 124)
What does PersonalLoans offer?
  • Loan amounts $500 to $35,000
  • Rates from 5.99% to 35.99%
  • Repayment terms 3 to 72 months.
Example: Borrowing $4,000 over a 2 year period will cost you around $182.74 a month with a total cost of credit of $4,385.74.
4.3/5 (Votes: 67)
What does CashAdvance offer?
  • Loan amounts $100 to $1,000
  • You may qualify for a loan, regardless of credit type.
  • Quick connect customers with lenders
Cash Advance provides a free service that aims to quickly connect customers with lenders that offer loans that may work for them.
4.2/5 (Votes: 74)
What does Check Into Cash offer?
  • Loan amounts $50 to $1,000
  • Emergency Cash - Apply in minutes
  • Application is fast and easy!
Our advance loans are available depending on the state in which you live and are one of the easiest ways to get money fast when you need it most.
4.2/5 (Votes: 82)
What does Loan by Phone offer?
  • Loan amounts $100 to $1,500
  • Very simple loan application
  • Get money in as little as 24 hours!
All loan applications and requests are guaranteed confidential and all transactions are governed in accordance with the laws of your state of residence.

Where to Get a Personal Loans for Bad Credit in North Carolina?

So you’re probably wondering, “Where can I get bad credit personal loans in NC?”

North Carolina residents that are looking for a balanced loan can apply for personal loans online. Personal loans in North Carolina are strictly online, with funds being directly transferred to the borrower’s bank account.

The loans tend to have interest rates starting as low as 25% (the rates might vary from borrower to borrower). The best part is that they can be repaid in installments in a few years. While online loans are expensive and bank loans are slow, personal loans are in between the two, and this makes personal loans an attractive financial solution.

If you’re thinking about applying for personal loans for bad credit in North Carolina, NC, make sure that you’re meeting your lender’s requirements for income, employment, age, and other things.

You’ll also want to understand what you’re getting into by learning about fees, personal responsibility, and interest rates.

How to Get Bad Credit Loans in North Carolina, NC?

Getting bad credit loans in North Carolina, NC will require some research, patience, and effort on your part. Here’s how to get your first loan.

Bad credit loans are treated like personal loans with poor credit. It’s money that you can borrow and pay off in fixed monthly installments. This loan can come from a bank, but if you’re looking for qualifying requirements and an affordable interest rate, here are some other options:

  • Friends or family: Easier to qualify and receive lower interest rates

  • Find a co-signer: Use someone’s credit score to receive a lower interest rate.

  • Tag home equity: Credit score is not a factor. If you have some sort of equity, you have a home.

  • Credit unions: Maximum interest rate is at 18%.

  • P2P or Online: Huge market of lenders that are flexible with their terms.

You can add other options like payroll advances, borrowing from life insurance, loans from retirement accounts, but these are last-ditch choices that should be untouched unless every other alternative fails.

How to Change Your Credit History?

Improve Your FICO Score

When trying to improve your FICO score, you should check your credit report regularly, work to reduce the amount of debt owed, and set up payment reminders. Your payment history takes up 35% of your credit score calculation, and this category will have a significant impact on how you can improve your FICO score as explained below.

Rapid rescoring is a method used by mortgage originators to help improve credit scores. It's a two-step process that involves updating and correcting your information, and this information is sent to the credit bureaus. Once the rapid rescore is completed, the information is added to your credit file within a few days to improve and update your credit scores quickly.

However, rapid rescoring is not a server you can get on your own. You will need the assistance of a mortgage lender because rapid rescoring is a service that only the credit bureau provides to these three lenders.

Pinpoint What Needs to Be Improved

Having a small error on your credit report doesn't mean it's the main cause of bad credit. For instance, if your name is misspelled and appears on the personal section of your credit report, that error is not the cause for your score to dip.

Other errors, like what we've stated earlier, could be the main cause for your credit score to dip. There is a multitude of reasons why those errors are still there. Here are some examples:

  • Your credit identity has been stolen, and a thief is misusing your credit.

  • A collection account is still being reported even though it's passed your state's statute of limitations.

  • You defaulted on a loan, and now its shown as multiple loan defaults because the information has been sold to debt collectors.

Whatever the error is, speak with a creditor and think of ways to correct the issue. By doing this, you’ll increase your score gradually over time.

The Terms of the Bad Credit Loans in North Carolina

Loan terms will vary from lender to lender, but here’s what personal loan interest rates look like:

Credit Score

Score Range

Estimated APR












27.2% (low scores might be unable to be qualified)

If you're borrowing money for debt repayment, personal loans for people with poor credit work if you have a plan to tackle your debts actively. Starting a savings habit and creating a budget are the first steps that can help you improve your financial health.

If you don't have an immediate need for personal loans for people with bad credit, consider building up your credit first. A higher credit score makes you more likely to receive lower interest rates, better future loan terms, and more loan opportunities in the future.

When searching up the terms of the loan, make sure that you have enough income to meet them. By paying off your loans, you'll improve your credit payment history and potentially increase your score.


The type of loan you’ll obtain will depend on the type of personal loan, your credit score, and any down payment or equity you can provide. For example, people with bad credit scores can receive a loan if they are able to make a substantial down payment.

When the raindrop falls from the clouds, it’s often the first sign that a downpour is coming. Like life, some events occur that are a beginning storm of problems and trouble ahead. And it’s interesting how that trouble tends to have a price tag behind it.

Thankfully, even if you have poor credit, you can get the financing you need - and within a quick turnaround time. Just remember to be responsible when borrowing loans. Only take the debt that you can afford to repay, and always make sure to pay your debts off in time.

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