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Best Bad Credit Loans in Rhode Island, RI

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What does Jora offer?
  • Loan amounts $500 to $2,600
  • APRs between 170% and 349%
  • Your request will be funded that same day
Example: in Missouri a $2,000 installment loan would require 48 bi-weekly payments of $179.54, which includes $6,618.50 of interest and an APR of 230%
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What does Bad Credit Loans offer?
  • Loan Amounts $500 to $5000
  • Rates from 5.99% to 35.99%
  • Repayment terms 3 to 36 months
Example: Borrowing $2000 over a 12 month period will cost you around $235 a month with a total cost of credit of $2400
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What does PersonalLoans offer?
  • Loan amounts $500 to $35,000
  • Rates from 5.99% to 35.99%
  • Repayment terms 3 to 72 months.
Example: Borrowing $4,000 over a 2 year period will cost you around $182.74 a month with a total cost of credit of $4,385.74.
4.3/5 (Votes: 67)
What does CashAdvance offer?
  • Loan amounts $100 to $1,000
  • You may qualify for a loan, regardless of credit type.
  • Quick connect customers with lenders
Cash Advance provides a free service that aims to quickly connect customers with lenders that offer loans that may work for them.
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What does Check Into Cash offer?
  • Loan amounts $50 to $1,000
  • Emergency Cash - Apply in minutes
  • Application is fast and easy!
Our advance loans are available depending on the state in which you live and are one of the easiest ways to get money fast when you need it most.
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What does Loan by Phone offer?
  • Loan amounts $100 to $1,500
  • Very simple loan application
  • Get money in as little as 24 hours!
All loan applications and requests are guaranteed confidential and all transactions are governed in accordance with the laws of your state of residence.

From paying for a big move, consolidating credit card debt, or covering emergency costs, a personal loan will help you get hands on cash to support your situation. However, it can be difficult to get personal loans with poor credit.

We want to help borrowers in Rhode Island get the financial coverage they need. It doesn’t matter what credit you have, as long as you’re able to pay off the loan on time. In this guide, you’ll get the information needed to find a lender whose terms work best with you.

Where to Get a Personal Loans for Bad Credit in Rhode Island?

Since your credit score is low, getting a personal loan from a finance company is a sound choice. Some of them, operate online and raise money by allowing borrowers to take out loans. Other financial companies have branches and provide a wide range of loan products.

Here are some things you need to know about borrowing from a finance company:

  • Finance companies have the smallest loans on average – about $2,000.

  • Finance companies are the most likely to give personal loans for bad credit in Rhode Island, RI. About 77% of their loans go to borrowers with an average credit score of 660 or below, based on TransUnion. Half of those that are issued a loan is subprime buyers.

  • The company might be trying to change its reputation. In recent years, fintech companies – increased their personal loan lending to borrowers within a 660 -770 credit score up to 122%, based on Trans Union ’s reports. Finance companies have also increased their loans towards this credit segment, but at a slower pace.

How to Get the Bad Credit Loans in Rhode Island, RI?

While there might be a lucrative tool for your personal finance needs, unpaid bad credit loans can land you in serious debt and its associated troubles. We’ve created a short list of things you need to consider before applying for any loan in Rhode Island.

  • Repayment Period: Every bank offers a standard loan repayment period. On average personal loans for people with poor credit have a maximum end date at 60 months. This period is determined on the loan amount and your ability to pay off the loan.

  • Calculate the EMI: To avoid accruing debt or any penalty, it's important to make the EMI payments on time. You have to be the judge on how much EMI you can handle based on your expected and current income in the short term. There are online EMI calculators available if you need any assistance.

  • Total Cost Assessment: Interest isn’t the only cost that’s associated with personal loans for people with bad credit. Some other costs include penalties, processing fees, and prepayment charges that you have to take into account. Assessing these costs will help you plan and manage your loan more efficiently.

  • Interest Rates: Personal loan rates are high, usually starting from 11.49% to 25%. Find out the interest rates of your loan as it directly affects your monthly EMI to pay off the loan.

  • Number of Active Loans: If you have multiple outstanding loans (home loans, car loans, or an education loan, then you might want to reconsider applying for a personal loan. If you are accepted, you ’ll have to pay a higher interest rate.

How to Change Your Credit History?

Here are some tips that will help you improve your score.

Correcting Errors On Your Credit Report

It’s a good idea to check your reports to make sure that all of your information is correct. If you spot any incorrect information or errors, contact your local credit bureaus and ask for a correction.

Errors could include debt that isn’t yours, having someone else’s information on file, incorrect payment history, and debts that aren’t paid in full. By doing this, you’ll remove false errors and potentially increase your credit score.

Increasing Your Credit Limit

A lot of people think that increasing their credit limit is a way to spend beyond their means. But not necessarily. Increasing your credit limit has a multitude of upsides if you're able to manage your credit correctly. But it will also reduce your credit utilization score and increase your score if you pay your bills off on time.

Secured Loans vs. Unsecured Loans

Secured loans are the most common type of loan that's used for a mortgage or a car. When borrowing money from a secured loan, you're securing the loan amount with one of your assets. If you're unable to pay off the loan in time, your asset will go into collateral. Secured personal loans can be risky because they can take what's used as collateral if you don't maintain all of the payments in the account. Unsecured personal loans occur when you're borrowing money from a financial institution or a bank. The borrower makes an agreement that you'll make all the payments until the account is paid in full. When unsecured loans are unpaid, you might have to pay additional fees on top of the amount owed. But they aren't secured with assets or any form of collateral like secured personal loan agreements.

The Terms of the Bad Credit Loans in Rhode Island

When searching for bad credit personal loans in RI, it can be difficult to find a loan whose terms match your needs. We have a few tips that can help you out.

Look for a lender who:

Offers You Flexible Repayment Plans and Terms

When shopping around for a personal loan, the clearest sign that you're dealing with a predatory lender is through their short-term repayment structure. Most payday lenders offer a two-week term to pay off the loan.

Typical lenders offer 30-day terms. These short terms have high APRs (annual percentage rates), making it difficult to pay the loan on time. Instead, we suggest that you search for personal installment loans that have longer terms. Generally, these longer terms tend to translate into smaller payments and an affordable loan that borrowers can repay.

Considers Your Repayment Ability

Your ability to pay off the loan is the most important factor that you and your lender have to consider. While predatory lenders will trap you with a high-interest debt that you can’t repay, a responsible lender will check your income, view your bank statements, and decide whether to approve or deny your loan.

Reports Loan Payments to Credit Bureaus

Speaking of repayment, you’re looking for personal loans with bad credit in Rhode Island, RI

because you have bad credit. When repaying installment loans to a lender that reports your payments to the national credit bureaus, you'll improve your credit score over time.

Check with your lender and ask them, do they report payments to the credit bureaus. If so, use that installment loan to fix your short-term issue and start to grow credit in the long term.


Having bad credit is a difficult state to be in, especially since most lenders tend to reject your applications. But don't worry, there's still hope. You don't have to live in bad credit or debt forever.

Even the worst credit mistakes can be repaired in time. The first step you have to make to fix your credit is to stop habits that are decreasing your score.

Don't open a new credit card account, pay your bills on time, don't let predatory lenders deceive you into taking short-term loans that you can't repay. Taking out a loan while you have bad credit is a major decision.

Make sure that you're not just selecting a loan, but a reliable financial partner that who will help you succeed today and in the future.

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